Recent Projects

Fully restored and tax credits in hand...

It’s high time I updated the project list with the new things on the list – especially as I’ve wrapped up a few in the past weeks. During the countdown to tax time I always end up doing a number of Part B applications, and some of the after photos are downright inspiring. The large house over in Cleveland-Holloway turned out beautifully, with happy owners and a fresh coat of paint. I’ve nominated them for a preservation award come spring (shhh, don’t tell) and know they’re thrilled with the house.

The tax credits are wrapped up for the big brick bungalow on Club too, with

In the corner is the turquoise kitchenaid that inspired the color palette.

the most stellar kitchen I’ve seen in years. Originally they were planning on painting the floor bright turquoise, assuming that the wood would be damaged under all the linoleum, but when they peeled back the layers, the heart pine was so lovely they didn’t have

Mudroom brilliance

the heart to paint it. How to get that bright color into the kitchen now? By painting the upper cabinets’ interior, of course! The saturated color is fantastic, and the spacious kitchen just begs for a party. There are a ton of ideas worth stealing tucked into this space, including the laundry built into the custom cabinets. The high countertop and fold-away doors hide the machines and convert the butler’s pantry into a mudroom space, while looking completely in keeping with the era of the home. Besides that, the marble subway backsplash, dark countertop, and white cupboards are so luscious, I want to wake up to that kitchen some day.

One more picture for good measure.

New owners are adding an attic/rear addition - I love those porch posts.

Two projects design in the fall are both under construction, and I just saw a skylight appear on the side of this bungalow today (first on the to-do list way back in October). I am not doing any construction administration on that one, so I get to wait with bated breath until the owner invites me over to see the finished product.

I love the porch posts - they are discussing removing the aluminum siding from the front gable and under the porch in the short term.

Another tax credit project has popped up in Lakewood-Tuscaloosa – my first in that neighborhood in some time. That area seems to be doing a really good job of keeping their old houses full of character and not gentrifying quickly. Instead, there’s a gradual upswing to

Yum. I adore the original dining room light fixture, but have no love lost for that wallpaper.

the neighborhood, over the course of the past number of years. The new owners on this place don’t know much about historic homes, but loved the location and have a lot of respect for the original features. It was such a treat to walk through it with them and talk about some of the more notable parts, including the stunning colonnade in the front rooms – they had no idea it would have once been open on both sides, and are now planning on restoring it. The light will be lovely!

There’s more coming, and one particularly interesting project that deserves its own entry. We’re waiting to hear what the tax credit folks think about our plans, and then a whole update will be coming shortly.


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