Before & After

I love before and after photos – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t, come to think of it – so here are a few from two recent projects that are almost ready for their final photos.  As is, I ran through and took pictures to complete the tax credit applications for each house this week, and can’t help but share.  In both cases, I am struck most by the light inside – let the sun shine in:


Meanwhile, over in Duke Park, this extraordinary house built in 1926 had been home to the same family since its construction.  When the last passed away last year, a new family took it on – and has updated it delicately, leaving all of the grandeur and removing… well, the dust and carpeting!



The stair hall – certainly grand before, if a bit dingy.


And after – the crystal chandeliers, woodwork, floor, moldings were all there and just needed to be spiffed up.


The tiny kitchen, clearly not often used, was built for an era when only the help would bother with an oven.


Now it opens up at the other end to a new breakfast nook, made from the enclosed rear porch, complete with a banquet. The light is really amazing…

I cannot wait to have each of these spaces photographed properly and add them to the portfolio.  Each home has so much personality, and our work has brought them up to date in a big way without removing the historic details that charmed each family in the first place.  Victory!




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