Cleveland Street, You’re Up!

I just measured a new project this week, one that I can’t wait to get started on: a giant, lovely house on Cleveland Street that has been a boarding house for who knows how long.  It’s remarkable in many ways, including its age, size, and siting.  But what really has me all wound up is the original architectural detail that has survived with so little damage all these years.  The folks who were living here were not taking particularly good care of themselves or their things, and yet they did not hurt the tile, the mantles, the crazy staircase… you get the feeling that the house did its best to take care of them, and they the house.

The new owners have been clearing out garbage and doing some light demolition since I was last there, and have reported some pocket doors still tucked into walls and crazy hidden closets – so I’m sure there will be other discoveries.  But until then:

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