Adventures in Preservation

It has been really far too long since I’ve posted, which I blame on being wonderously busy.  4/1 has projects wrapped up and awaiting a photo shoot, ones in the final throes of punch list, a few in construction right this instant, and a long list of those in design.  With all the design work, most of the preservation tax credit work has been residential as well, but every so often a commercial, income-producing tax application pops up too.  And it’s then I get to go into spaces like this – so lovely and decrepit, I just had to share.


(I must admit, half the reason I got into this line of work was my fascination with these crumbling spaces.  It’s going to be amazing once it’s redone, of course, and is just dripping with potential – but all of this is gorgeous too.)

Enjoy springtime – and all the possibilities!


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