Preservation + Design

Preservation and Design Services

in Durham, North Carolina

From restorations to additions, historic research to the perfect front door color, 4/1 can provide guidance for every stage of a renovation. Each project requires a different set of tools, and we customize our services to fit your specific needs. Contact 4/1 and we will happily provide a free consultation.

COVID 19: 4/1 is still hard at work, safely at our individual dining tables instead of in the office together. As we spend all this time at home, we are more conscious than ever of how important houses are to our physical and mental well-being.

When Durham’s Shelter-in-Place order ends, we will begin taking new clients. We have learned that we can do the whole design cycle digitally, from the initial meeting through to construction drawings, with online discussions and emailed sketches. We do need a single site visit to take measurements and photos, of course done with masks and gloves for everyone’s safety.

How we use spaces has changed quickly in the past few months, and we believe the flexibility inherent in older homes will allow them to adapt along with our times. Let us make your home the most comfortable and comforting place it can be.


The spaces we call home have an impact on our lives every day. Let’s make your house functional and beautiful, a place you love to call home and will fit your needs for many years to come.


Interested in digging deeply into the story of your home? Does your home qualify for tax credits? We have answers to your historic preservation questions, and experience in all types of preservation projects. 


Regardless if your house is new or old, color affects the way you experience it every day – both inside and out. 4/1 offers color consultations as an a la carte service to both residential and commercial projects.

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