Why 4/1?

What does 4/1 mean?

The shorthand way to describe a double-hung window is by the number of lights in each sash, either spelled out: four-over-one, or written simply with numbers: 4/1.  From the common one-over-one to a Colonial’s six-over-six, from an Italianate’s two-over-two to a Bungalow’s three-over-one, each form is tied to an era or style of house and helps an architectural historian identify when a structure was built.

Trinity Design/Build – by permission

I’ve always been partial to windows in general – original windows on an old house are crucial to the character of the building.  I often speak about the importance, value, and durability of old windows and why they should never be replaced, so it seemed natural to honor them in my company name.  4/1 windows particularly, with four vertical lights on the top sash, are distinctive to bungalows around Durham, NC.  They have a lovely proportion and balance with the thin panes above the single wide one below.

Any time you want me to pull out my old window soapbox, just say the word.  I’ve got a great vantage point from up there, and am always happy to lecture.

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