We’re growing!

We have some exciting news to share: 4/1 got a little bigger, with the addition of me, Emily-Kate. Yes, this did indeed happen in August and yes, that was two months and a different season ago, but alas, I’ve been busy getting up to speed and the “write blog” on the to-do list kept getting pushed to the side. Until now! 

I’ve long admired Sara’s work on historic homes around Durham. In fact, in 2012 or so, I traded Sara a garden consult for a house consult. I was so impressed with Sara’s knowledge and down-to-earth attitude, that I asked to buy her a coffee and pick her brain about design and preservation. I had been working in the farm and food world and after renovating my 1913 mill house and falling in love with the process, I realized that a job change might be in order. Having coffee with Sara and learning about her path to creating 4/1, was inspiring. I walked away with the thought “I think I’d like to do that job.” 

Well, four years and a graduate degree later, I get to! 

In May, I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with an MFA in Interior Architecture and a certificate in Historic Preservation. While at UNC-G I worked with the North Carolina Main Street Program, which helps small business owners in small towns renovate their historic buildings. During my two years with Main Street, I was part of a team that worked on designs for over 100 commercial buildings across North Carolina. Working with Main Street helped me put the theory that I was learning into practice. In classes I learned about the Historic Preservation Tax credits; at Main Street I was able to work with folks from the State Historic Preservation Office to make sure that what I was designing would be eligible for these credits. 

I’ve long been passionate about woodworking and I was able to expand my skills while at UNC-G. I spent much of my time in their woodshop and took several carpentry courses. Not only is my home full of the bowls, tables, chairs, etc. that I’ve made, but in 2017 I started designing and building furniture for clients as well. Throughout school, I also worked on many freelance design projects. These included some graphic design: making labels, album covers, and t-shirts for local businesses in Durham; and quite a bit of residential design: helping homeowners in the renovation process with fixture and finish selections. I also took on many hands-on projects: repairing historic gravestones, installing kitchens, etc. 

In my free time, I can often be found cooking elaborate meals for friends, going on adventures with my two pups, and working in my garden.

I’m excited to bring these experiences to my work at 4/1! 

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