Purple Castle Update!

Someone has requested more information on the purple castle, and I am happy to oblige as I just got some addition photographs of the lovely wreck.  From some early research, it looks like it may well have been built by the architects Linthicum and Linthicum in about 1915 – the property passed between the father and the son around then, and was sold soon thereafter to Dr. Ira Stoner in 1921.  I’ve got more digging to do to find out if either of the Linthicums ever lived in the house, but it gives some justification for the house being so unusual.

The architects’ involvement doesn’t begin to explain some of the more quirky bits of the house – I think we can blame the later owners for that.  More on them soon!

There are a few things I didn’t document, because it was too dark or too nasty – I’ll spare you the kitchen sink, for example, and the bees’ nest in the back wall of the house doesn’t photograph well.  Overall, it’s amazingly intact and architecturally interesting; I’ve never been in a Durham house quite like it before.  More as I dig into a little more of the history.

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