Done and To-Do

The time has been flying by recently, and it suddenly struck me how long it had been since a proper blog post.  Rather than try to focus on one thing today, I’ll whip through an overview of what’s on the drawing board these days.

508 Ottawa is under construction, with permits pulled, demo over, and framing flying.  I’m staying out of the way for the most part, but just got back the tax credit acceptance letter with a few conditions to resolve – all stuff the homeowners are intending to do anyway, but the reminders will keep the preservation aspects fresh in the builder’s mind.

The Hudson Farmhouse – belonging to one family since it was built in 1930

I’ve got a slew of new projects, including the return to one I started almost two years ago.  The Hudson Farm is up over the border into Virginia, and I did some space planning for the homeowners a while ago as they tried to decide whether to sell or to renovate.  Convinced that renovation will work, they’re now back for some detailed drawings, so we headed up for a long morning of measuring and photography.  The house felt much more spacious than I’d originally imagined, although due for an update.  A rear wing to enlarge the kitchen space and provide a bath on the second floor might just take care of all sorts of problems.

Yellow fixtures and maroon & grey Carerra glass – they don’t spec ’em like they used to.

A bathroom renovation I designed is almost complete over in Forest Hills, where the 1950 plumbing finally failed.  It was a little tragic to have to remove the floor-to-ceiling Carerra glass, but unfortunately you can’t spot-repair those tiles.  Luckily, there’s still a half bath with the same treatment, in black with aqua fixtures.  Such crazy-great colors!

Another bathroom renovation is in design right now, and is challenging because it’s the smallest space I’ve ever dealt with: a full bath in a whopping 65″x75″.  The phrase ‘not enough room to swing a cat’ really doesn’t begin to convey how small this is.  It’s going to end up as a wet room space, fit for aging-in-place and making use of every possible corner… which is all it has, honestly. 

A Queen Anne over in Cleveland-Holloway

Up and coming is a whole-house renovation on Holloway, lovingly documented here.  We’re really early on in the process, trying to work out a schematic plan for the old grande dame.  It has been apartments for many, many decades, and suffered from the standard ‘updates’ – so there’s lots of room for improvement.  Measuring the house was a trip, as it’s got the full range of refuse, graffiti, dark spaces, and dead birds.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what demolition reveals!

Finally, and most personal, is the completion of my living room renovation.  After five years, we’ve finally got the plaster repaired, paint on the walls, and picture mold installed – I now have one room that actually lives up to the preservation mantra I preach… and that’s plenty for the time being.  We’re still unpacking and putting in the last bits, and I have renewed sympathy for anyone who tries to live through a renovation project – I don’t think I’ll ever do it again, myself.  (I say that now, but you know…)

Possibly my new favorite corner of the entire house.

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