Best of? Really?

4/1 got news last week that has given us a ‘Best of 2012’ award.  I’m thrilled, of course, but puzzled – while I use the site with nearly all of my clients, I only just put up photographs of the Ottawa house recently and did not think they were getting that much traction (except the darling photo of Ash in his bedroom, which is getting all the attention).  After doing a little digging, it turns out it was based on customer satisfaction – and my clients who uses the site gave 4/1 a perfect score, so up goes the award!  I’m grateful and a little flabbergasted, and thought I’d take the opportunity to explain how and why I’ve been sending my clients there.

For the uninitiated, is a storehouse of interior photographs, showing every style, every room, and every finish you could possibly imagine.  The site allows easy bookmarking of images, tagging of the bits you like, and searching for particular details.  I have always recommended that my clients gather images of spaces they like as we work together, and Houzz has become an ideal way to gather it all in one place. If you’re considering doing a renovation, remodel, or addition, I’d highly recommend spending some time lost in their treasure trove, regardless of your future designer.

Of course, there’s nothing like seeing a space in person, and two 4/1 designs will be on a house tour coming up next month.  The Cleveland/Holloway tour, usually an affordable $5/person suggested donation, is scheduled for Saturday, June 9th.  I’ll be there, bouncing between 527 Holloway and 508 Ottawa – come and visit!

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