New Digs

4/1 Design & the whole family have just relocated across town to Old North, after at least a year and a half of searching for the perfect spot.  One of the major needs was a proper office space, and with a little tweaking (read: moving a door or two), we will soon have just that.  Along with the door will come a great meeting space for clients, good storage, and some physical separation between business and family that is crucial for really working at home.

At the moment, however, there’s mass chaos going on, including installation of a full HVAC system.  It replaces the multiple forms of heating that remain from when the house was a duplex, and will bring in air conditioning for the first time.  After that, the office door will happen, then a few more projects over the course of the year to make the house really ours (paint! light fixtures! getting rid of that horrible ceiling fan!).

Going through this process for myself is of course made easier by my familiarity with the world of renovation, but just like any of my clients there is a point where I have to trust that I’ve hired the right people, given the right direction, and that all of the dust and disruption is worth the effort.  It is, surely, but for the next few weeks I will need regular reminders of that fact.  Part of the way I’m doing that is to snap photos of parts of the house that I already love, like the morning light coming in our bedroom window, which can serve as inspiration for what’s ahead. Because it’s going to be wonderful.

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